Calgary Junior League FAQ

Calgary Junior League FAQ

Q: What equipment is required?
A: Athletes are required to wear a mouth guard and shin pads during practices and games.  A field hockey stick is also required and can be rented from the FHA office for the season, please let the league administrator know that you need a stick prior to your first practice.  A $50 deposit cheque is required for stick rental.  The cheque will not be cashed if the stick is returned at the end of the season.

T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, shorts and athletic pants are recommended for games and practices.  All participants will be provided with at T-shirt jersey for games and matching socks.  Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather, games will go even if it is raining, they will only be cancelled for lightning.  Running shoes or field hockey turf shoes are required for games, please only wear cleats at practices/on grass facilities.  The University of Calgary Field Hockey turf is a turf shoe or running shoe facility only, cleats damage the surface.

Q: Where can mouth guards, shin pads or practice socks be purchased?
A: Most sporting good stores carry these items (Sport Chek, Sport Mart, Kicks, etc).  Call ahead to check availability.

Q: Where can I purchase a field hockey stick?
A: AA Sports – Sohail Abdullah:

Q: Where can I learn the basic rules of field hockey?
A: The following link is a good start: 

Q: Can I select a specific practice night?
A: We will do our best to keep practice nights consistent when possible, but due to limited field availability there may be changes in practice nights.

Q: Where is the University of Calgary Field Hockey Turf located?
A: Hawkings Field – University of Calgary

View Hawkings Field, University of Calgary in a larger map

Q: It is game day and it is raining out, will there still be a game?
A: Games will run during the rain and light snow, they will be cancelled if there is lightning or the conditions become dangerous.

Q: It is raining and there is a practice scheduled, do we still have practice?
A: The league administrator may cancel practices in heavy rain as there may be field closures.  Practices will not be rescheduled.

For additional questions please contact Huyen at